Certification of Competence in Administering Intravenous Injections (Radiographers)


Designed for Radiographers and Radiographic Assistants this course is designed to enable practitioners to gain  intravenous injection skills and to be able to practice safely within a written scheme of work. It addresses the key theoretical components and practical sessions necessary including completion of a clinical log book under the supervision of an experienced mentor at the Radiographers' place of work. This is undertaken over a six month period with an initial two day course with written examination.   Course content includes : 


• Anatomy and Physiology of the Circulatory System of the Upper Limb
• Injection Procedure and Aseptic No Touch Technique.
• Use of Pressure Injectors. Risks and Benefits and Injection Volume and Rates.
• Physiological Considerations. Drug Absorption, Distribution and Excretion. Basic Cellular Structure and Movement of Solvents and Solutes.
• General Legal Issues and Standard Operating Procedures for IV Cannulation and Injection in Radiology.
• The Contrast Media Molecule, Properties, Dynamics and Uses
• High Risk Groups, Contraindications, Adverse Reactions and Emergency Procedures


75 Minute Test - Radiographers. 


Course Agenda - Download File
Certification of Competence in Administe[...]
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Course Feedback

Autumn 2021 - Spring 2022


Really informative and interesting course! Looking forward to part 2

Caroline G.  Fundamental Skills in CT Course


All aspects explained really well. Applications and parameters of the scanner now make sense

Chloe V.  Fundamental Skills in CT Course


Liz and Edward were very approachable. Felt no pressure. Explained with examples and drawings. Included us in group discussion. Great session!

Sarmita R.  Fundamental Skills in MRI Course


I have worked in MRI for about 1.5 years now and this course has been very beneficial so far. It has helped to understand the equipment better and to be less afraid of playing with parameters within reasonable limits

Madara D.  Fundamental Skills in MRI Course


Excellent content. Even though I did an IRMER course in 2011, this was more in depth and explanations clear. Good speed of presentation and use of polls. Me me think and clarify
Rachael S. IRMER Course for Referrers




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