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7-8 September 22  09.00-13.00 Both Days - BOOK NOW


15-16 November 22  09.00-13.00 Both Days - BOOK NOW




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'Thank you so much for your help with this, its definitely been very useful to learn more about the different scanning techniques and their uses'

Suzanne K


'Great course, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Much prefer having this course as online option.  I have wanted to do this

course for a while now and kept on putting it off due to travel. Having the option to do this course via Zoom was perfect for me! ' Nicole M


'Thank you both so much for your time, the course was great. Really glad this could be done online as helped make training and CPD much more accesible in the current climate. I will recommend you in a heart beat' Katie P


'Loved it guys...thanks so much again'  Paul N


'Thank you so much for the certificate and for running the course. It was brilliant, very useful and have already recommended to colleagues'  Rebecca G


'Many thanks for this. I found the course very interesting and you made it interactive and fun. There was a lot to learn and apply when I start referring onwards. Also there was no hassle of travelling which was a bonus. Definitely recommended'     Sam B



Sample Feedback 2020/2021


PLEASE NOTE: This course does not include an IRMER certificate. This training is provided on our separate half day course: IRMER Radiation Protection Training For Referrers


Course Content

Clinically Appropriate Referrals

Request suitable imaging at the most appropriate time for your patient. Appreciate the importance of the correct clinical information provided and how this determines the scan protocol and images obtained.

Image Interpretation and the Radiological Report

Turn a working diagnosis into a more definitive diagnosis by understanding what the images show and the implications of the report. Understand how the images are formed and how to view.


Understand the risks associated with the various types of imaging at your disposal. Referrer responsibilities.

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Fundamental Skills in CT 

Fundamental Skills in MRI

For Radiographers


Course Feedback

Autumn 2021 - Spring 2022


Really informative and interesting course! Looking forward to part 2

Caroline G.  Fundamental Skills in CT Course


All aspects explained really well. Applications and parameters of the scanner now make sense

Chloe V.  Fundamental Skills in CT Course


Liz and Edward were very approachable. Felt no pressure. Explained with examples and drawings. Included us in group discussion. Great session!

Sarmita R.  Fundamental Skills in MRI Course


I have worked in MRI for about 1.5 years now and this course has been very beneficial so far. It has helped to understand the equipment better and to be less afraid of playing with parameters within reasonable limits

Madara D.  Fundamental Skills in MRI Course


"I just wanted to thankyou for a fantastic course in Hatfield the other week. Was extremely useful and has already had an impact upon my practice"
Jenny W.  MSK Imaging Referral and Interpretation Course

Great course and fun on the @imagingi for MSK imaging referral and interpretation today. Highly recommend it!
James W.  MSK Imaging Referral and Interpretation Course



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